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How To Get Your Credit Score For Free

You will never be fully prepared to enter into a loan unless you have obtained your credit score prior to negotiating the loan terms. Getting your credit score is easy enough, but can cost you a few bucks, so here is a new way to get your credit score for free.

First, here is a little fact that many companies will not tell you about the credit score they are selling…it may not be the one the lender used to determine your risk. The ones you buy may not even have your score on them, just what is in your credit file. This new method will allow you to obtain the specific score used to determine your risk for the credit you were just denied.

New federal regulations that go into effect July 21 will require a lender to give you access to the specific score that was used to deny you credit. This is key if you are looking into low credit score car loans.  It is best explained at a website run by the company that generates those scores; FICO. Check out for all of the details.