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Does Bollywood, Jay Leno, & the World’s Cheapest Car Equal Celluloid Delight?

Funnyman Jay Leno’s recent edition of “Jay’s Leno Garage” answers the question we’ve all been asking for many, many years. What would happen if car-lover Jay Leno dressed up and danced as a Bollywood star while delighting over his brand new Tata Nano? 

What’s a Tato Nano, you also ask? It is the result of Indian magnate Ratan Tata’s dream of becoming the Henry Ford of India by producing the world’s least expensive production car. Though the 35-horsepower car is indeed cheap, costing a little over $2,500, it has not yet become the Model A or Model T of India. However, it has caught the hefty-chinned fellow’s eye. In fact, the late night host is so pleased with his diminutive Nano that he dedicated an entire episode to it, an episode worth viewing.  Now, if they could just bring this vehicle to US shores, it would surely be a prime candidate for anyone needing an auto loan with low credit score.