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Drivers Disappointed with Official MPG Ratings

Most folks looking for a car these days are looking closely at miles-per-gallon ratings. And, sadly, many of these same people are disappointed in their purchases once they discover that their new cars do not seem to be able to achieve these advertised ratings. In fact, some buyers are so disgusted that they have taken carmakers to court.

Automakers Being Sued

Hyundai is the automaker that has most recently been sued. Drivers are saying that their Elantras are not capable of reaching the 40 mpg that the South Korean automaker advertises. This suit is similar to the one brought against Honda when a Civic owner successfully sued the automaker in California small claims court for not matching up to its claimed fuel efficiency ratings.

Auto industry observers say that drivers can protect themselves by fully understanding the advertised ratings. They need to know how the combined ratings are calculated and also understand that hybrids do better in city driving than in highway driving. Finally, they recommend that if fuel efficiency is important to you, you need to drive more smoothly, not speeding out of red lights, nor using the brakes too much.

Still, those extra gallons add up, eating away at the average driver’s budget.  The issue is typically more serious for people with low credit scores, who often don’t have as much disposable income.