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How To Score A Car

Having a car is important for most people to be able to do most things. From going to the grocery store to going to work, it is essential to find a car in most places so that you can do the very basic of human activities. It’s also important that you find a good car, […]

Auto Racing Died 107 Years Ago. Really.

It was 107 years ago, on August 24, 1905 to be exact, that auto racing died. Or, more precisely, it was that date that “Motor Age” published a front-page story stating that track auto racing was going to die since the cars were getting just too fast for mortal men to handle. Sounding off about […]

2013 Ford C-Max Energi Priced

Ford has revealed the price for its 2013 C-Max Energi, $33,745. The C-Max Energi, the American automaker’s first ever plug-in hybrid, will have a single-charge, electric-only range of around 20 miles. Of course, this range is vastly extended when its gas-powered engine kicks in. According to Ford, its max range will be close to 550 […]

Drivers Disappointed with Official MPG Ratings

Most folks looking for a car these days are looking closely at miles-per-gallon ratings. And, sadly, many of these same people are disappointed in their purchases once they discover that their new cars do not seem to be able to achieve these advertised ratings. In fact, some buyers are so disgusted that they have taken […]

Big Hopes for the Small Chevy Spark in the Hefty US

Hoping to entice millennial consumers to join its grizzled and grey family, General Motors has fitted a feast of features into its Chevrolet Spark, a small car already skating the roads of 100 nations around the globe. The American Spark will hit US showrooms later this year.  Sold as a cheap, budget friendly choice in […]

When Too Much Credit Hurts You

Very few people every worry about having too much credit. Most of us think of credit as something that we want unlimited access to. Even those who have great credit can find that having too much can be crippling and destructive. Having too much credit can involve three things: too many accounts, too much debt, […]

10 Most Fuel-Friendly Crossovers, SUVs for 2012

Finally someone has made a list that had to be made: a list of the most fuel-efficient SUVs and crossovers of 2012. And, this writer thinks that the figures contained upon this list will shock, for while historically SUV’s have been many things, gas-friendly is not one of them. However, this list has some rather […]

The Dark Horse Cars of 2012

We all know which cars are the most overrated. You know, the Chevy Volt and every MINI ever produced, those kinds of cars. But what about the underrated, have you ever wondered which cars are the most underrated, the biggest of the dark horses of vehicles? Yeah, me neither. But, the folks at CNBC have. […]

Nissan Set to Conquer Russia

Nissan is ready to conquer Russia. Although the Japanese automaker already has a firm grip on 5.9 percent of the Russian auto market, it has launched a campaign to increase its market share to at least 10 percent within the next four years. If successful, this would require a tripling of the number of units […]