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Should You Get a Certified Used Car?

Though the new car market continues to race ahead on its path to a full recovery, used cars are still the way to go for many. In fact, demand for used cars is so strong that previously-owned car values are close to record highs. There are many options used car buyers need to consider. One […]

10 Cars That Actually Improve Your Chances Of Getting a Car Loan

One of the main considerations that lenders take into account when you apply for any auto loan is the price and affordability of the car being purchased. This is especially true when you have low credit scores.  The lenders that specialize in this type of loan want to see at least a 20% down payment […]

JPMorgan Chase Made Intentionally False Statements To Customers

After an investigation into practices around selling the Chase Payment Assurance plan, a credit insurance plan often bundled with low credit score car loans, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has found that JPMorgan Chase intentionally made ”materially false, deceptive or otherwise misleading” statements in order to sell the coverage. JPMorgan Chase […]

Tips To Prepare For A Car Loan With Low Credit

Getting approved for a low credit auto loan is more difficult than you may be used to. You will need to prepare yourself to submit additional paperwork and be more knowledgeable about your credit report than you would with any other type of loan. Here are a few tips to help get you prepared for […]

Best Cars For A Second Chance Auto Loan

Your chances of getting approved for a second chance auto loan greatly improve if you look at a less expensive car. Granted, less expensive may not be your ideal car, but keep your credit score in mind. Lenders are taking a risk on a low credit score auto loan and want to minimize that risk […]

Website Announces Higher Lender Participation Numbers is a leading provider of no cost auto loan quotes. The site helps bring borrowers and multiple lenders together in an attempt to facilitate low cost auto loans. The site has been tracking an increased number of auto loan originations in 2011. The numbers started to rise late in 2010 as the recession slowly […]

How To Get Your Credit Score For Free

You will never be fully prepared to enter into a loan unless you have obtained your credit score prior to negotiating the loan terms. Getting your credit score is easy enough, but can cost you a few bucks, so here is a new way to get your credit score for free. First, here is a […]

5 Basic Credit-Building Tips

Building credit is both a mystery and transparent. It is transparent as could be to people who have a good credit score, but a mystery to young adults who are just entering the dangerous waters of loan obligations. Here are five tips to help build a credit score from scratch. Get a credit card. Apply […]

How Often Do People Lie To Get Credit?

How often do people lie to get credit? Interesting question isn’t it? The answer is…every day, several times a day there is an intentionally falsified credit application filed. According to IDAnalytics 1 in 15 Americans have lied on a credit application. So, let’s look deeper into that study. First, IdAnalytics is selling a service to […]